Oxygen Capsule Therapy
Japan's #1 Oxygen Therapy Now Available in Singapore.
Reduce insomnia and stress with this highly therapeutic treatment program.

About the Oxygen Capsule

Why do you need it?

Our body is made up of cells and every cell gets energy from an activation between oxygen and nutrients. In the modern society, we often suffer from insufficient oxygen as a result of environmental pollution. The Oxygen Capsule creates a high pressure environment with clean Oxygen for better absorption. 

Health Benefits of Oxygen Capsule Therapy

Improve sleep quality and focus

Our brain consumes 25% of all oxygen consumption. By supplying enough oxygen to our brain, our concentration and sleep quality are expected to improve.

Recover from Fatigue, injury and muscle aches

Exhaustion and fatigues are a result of an accumulation of lactic acid in our body. Oxygen is essential in breaking down lactic acid, by supplying sufficient Oxygen, it makes it easier to recover from the fatigues.


Oxygen can be easily absorbed through the high-pressure capsule and is absorb into the body. Through this process, skin cells and body’s metabolism will become active and skin renewal cycle will adjust accordingly.