Relax, Recharge & Rejuvenate

Kimiyo Spa is design to be a one-stop getaway spa outlet in Singapore that allows you to truly pamper and relax yourself. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the daily life and recharge with our authentic massages, Ganbanyoku and our popular Oxygen Capsule treatments!

Experience Authentic Massages

Our therapists are trained fully to relax those tense muscles of yours.

So rest easy, you are definitely in good hands!

*Couple massages are available for all massages

Aroma Oil Body

Traditional Thai Body Massage

Swedish Massage

Couple Services

Couple Jacuzzi

Take a break out of your busy schedule and enjoy a relaxing Jacuzzi bath with your partner in our VIP room. 

Ganbanyoku Sauna

The ultra red ray from natural stones in Ganbanyoku activate our autonomic nerves or hormone and let metabolism goes well. Instead of sauna make your body warmer from outside, Ganbanyoku make your body warmer from inside.

First in Singapore
Oxygen Capsule

Oxygen Capsule Therapy

Japan #1 Oxygen Therapy Now Available in Singapore!

Oxygen Capsule is a highly popular therapeutic program from Japan, and is extremely effective to reduce insomnia, stress and helps in muscle and injury recovery.